by Those Chosen

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The cA EP is part of the Those Chosen "I Am Manute Bol" [Giant] Collaboration Series: *Canada


released August 26, 2011

Produced by Rich Kidd



all rights reserved


Those Chosen Los Angeles, California

THOSE CHOSEN- an avant garde hip-hop group known for their street influenced, politically fueled, spiritual lyricism consists of Japetto, Kornbread and Foreshadow. The trio’s common love for music helped form a musical brotherhood that has Those Chosen on a journey to become the premiere influence within music. ... more

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Track Name: This is cA Feat. Blake Carrington
[Hook: Group]
No need to second guess it
You know that we on one
This is cA
Called to be All-Stars
The hustle's guaranteed indeed we gotta have it
This is cA
Can't assume its automatic
And it's like that everywhere LA to the T-Dot
Coldest niggas on the planet
Got it till she's hot
On point to the fullest did we mention
This is cA
Now we caught your attention

[Verse 1: Foreshadow]
Span the globe/across the four corners/there's a war everywhere/casualties ain't productive/the assumption/change comes with a turnout/but my folks been burnt out/ ghetto's hopeless as smokers/remain calm/ain't wound up/around none of these toy soldiers/reassured/no immature/auto-tune voice overs/pass the dutches/chuckling when these niggas get tonsilitis/I would sleep on half the game if even I had no eyelids/snakes stabbed you in the back for a diamond/the pride of a lion/frail niggas in gazzeles/fail with the trendy shit/when I start roaring/block party bullies/here to fuck up city ordinance/at my place of business for recording/fans surround the lab so much/cops thought that they was loiters/they love me/over these niggas heads/so there ain't nothing above me/trust me!

[Hook: Group]

[Verse 2: Kornbread]
Mash mode nigga high caliber concealed. 79 brougham shit bouncing vogue wheels. No “L’s” got my eyes peeled for the shield. They lock us up no bail like Hugo Pinell. You know the drill one slip will get you Du-owed for real. Every day’s another blessing that I don’t get killed.  C.A Sleeps never, eyes wide to the sunrise’ Real niggas in the field colliding with one times. Residing with the Satellites higher then Orion’s belt, Wrinkles in the game straighten out when the irons melt. You fucking with some Lions now. Tigers, Hyenas fell to the waist side. Beating up your block with them baselines. These niggas need a jump start your brands not wired well. Smile for the camera you aint nothing but some hired help. Fire up this whole bitch frickosy your shit to hell. Skewer till they ass is nothing but some ashes.

[Hook: Group]

[Verse 3: Japetto]
Sounds so revolutionary it's getting heavy/ raising the bar these wanna be stars are getting buried/not your ordinary nigga who speaks for the block/ my flow is grown since a young'n I was running the spot/stay in motion these stationary crews be joking/ the brand is no longer local my vocals be the potion/ those chosen yeah appealing to the masses/ ladies lift up your glasses gangstas flick your ashes/ hoes who b talking shit give up passes/ gentlemen who knows the code remain active/diligent Japetto's militant forceful striking poetic and eloquent/ my ora is heaven sent flow so relevant/ set apart to succeed I bring that element/ jugganuat niggas get cabbage by the pound/ obese in the streets leave footprints in the ground.

[Hook: Group]

[Verse 4: Blake Carrington]
I'm Blake Carrington Shining like the weather bitch fucking up the game even though I know its celibate they don't wanna see me win they rather see me loose this no type of accident for what we bout to do. Chasing my dreams and the money hommie stop bitching you on your momas couch I'm not that the difference my ex girl now steaming like a kettle cause I found another team and made a move mello hello blake Carrington is the fellow with a Bad looking Brahed mixed with Black and yellow fresh of the plane same hustle same dream my life is a movie my watch play the scenes Oui are self made now understand the ingely dominating hits with Rich Kidd and CA From cali to Toronto dog I travel often cooling at my auntys house right off of slauson

[Hook: Group]