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Those Chosen's I Am Manute Bol music series continues with the group's latest single titled "Moving". The single features the talents of Awa Ras of Punky Donch giving the FS Green produced track a Hip Hop / Dancehall flavor on the hook. "Moving" will be featured on TC's next EP featuring artists and producers from The Netherlands [Holland].

"I Am Manute Bol" [Giant] Collaboration Series: *The Netherlands


released October 30, 2011

Produced by FS Green



all rights reserved


Those Chosen Los Angeles, California

THOSE CHOSEN- an avant garde hip-hop group known for their street influenced, politically fueled, spiritual lyricism consists of Japetto, Kornbread and Foreshadow. The trio’s common love for music helped form a musical brotherhood that has Those Chosen on a journey to become the premiere influence within music. ... more

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Track Name: Moving Feat. Awa Ras
Awa Ras [Hook]

From Amsterdam to LA we push it pon play everyday play everyday
Is it really what you want I Em give it to you lets make bread lets make bread 
Catch a nigga movin' cause you know I gotta rise it up I gotta rise it up 
Those Chosen Awa Ras shit is gettin' hot can't stop 

Foreshadow [Verse 1]

I'm higher than heavens/Means forever blessed/More admired than a sire/You Coretta stressed/Great Scott!/You aint clapping me on balconies/Niggas in jewels/Act fool to my alchemy/Witness the magic/Cast spells on the universe/My jams birth/Turn from gold to platinum/Making my dick diamond/I'm a best friend/To a dime's hymen/It's all science/How I'm sitting at a conference table/Nigga hurting dollars/You listening to a boss/Homie with a shirt and collar/I got/No problems with the average working man/I just/Trust in God for all my circumstance/Get you're face brusied up round here/We slap masters/Throw bullets at you/Beat with a gun/You ass backwards/Blacker than Africans/In the Middle Pass/We fighting for the new poor/You know/The old middle class


Kornbread [Verse 2]

Salute to the arrival, of real rap HANDS UP this is a revival. I see the the guns are drawn. Lick a shot to the heavens for the day has come. A celebration for the mass full of hayes and rum. Pop pop to my slum dogs busting they guns. Bundles in the sock shit hustle for crumbs. Posted on the block tip poppin they trunk. Hit the bar for a schooner some dutch land lager two quarters for the juke box play some crooners. Low key like how gangstas do it got stripes like the suit was zooted. No thanks we just just Langston Hughes it. Hit the bank and that’s thanks to music, in the paint where they scrape the deuces. If you aint making moves your useless make way for the native humans fumigating all the lame and fruitless.


Japetto [Verse 3]

Japetto so explosive still I remain calm / under pressure causing damage
like an ex-con/ they say 3 is a charm so the flow is hypnotic/ the way
that I do it there's no way u can block it/ load it and cock it feel
the blast when u pop it / making a profit fast moving wit swollen
pockets / you got to respect it my crew is well connected all over the
planet u know the game has been perfected/ hater proof tested you
suckas be catching bricks/ you chick made a decision to kick it with my
click / I predict whatever you spit is bullshit / my section reacts quick
while others attend to slip/ topics get flipped like hoes undercovers /
never selling out to make the numbers like the others/ breaking records
daily killing across the board / hands up when we step in the jam you
hit the floor

[Hook] x2

Performed by Those Chosen written by:
Sean Jeffrey Kershaw [Kornbread] Fruits of the Vine [ASCAP]
Lyndon Bryan Marshall [Foreshadow] Heat Lamp Music [ASCAP]
McKinley Brown 2nd [Japetto] Black Seventy Seven Music [ASCAP]
? [Awa Ras] ?
? Produced by FS Green ?